Art & Photography

Landscape Photography

abstract image of waterfall looking like a PhoenixB&W and colour landscape photographs which explore composition, symbolic meaning, time and light, take the viewer on a voyage of discovery into the realms of beauty and abstraction.

Documentary Photography

miner's hands reaching towards warm fir for heat- Taff Merthyr Colliery, 1992This B&W photo essay explores the terminal decline of the South Wales Mining Industry. Environmental portraiture and industrial landscape photography, tells an allegorical story of an industry in decline.

What are Images

The act of making and viewing images offer us new ways of perceiving the world about us when images transform into a mirror portal, taking us on a symbolic journey into our own psyche. Their form is nebulous and mesmeric, revealing the other worldly and the mysterious in life, presenting a magical sense of curiosity to the viewer. The confluence of chance, observation and memory takes on new meaning through the advent of fantasy, which transforms thought into new creative possibilities. Images are more profound than the surface object they initially appear to be. Our private daydreams and the publicly elicited stories we share are transfigured from such experiences and drive forth our creation of self mythology and image making.



Photography Books

This series of allegorical books deal with: Cold War Wastelands, The Psychogeography of Hidden Spaces, a Mediation on Life and Death, and Landscape Photography.

image of gnarled and ominous tree forms for book cover