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Artist and photographer, Andrew Johnson, spent fourteen months travelling Central America with an unobtrusive, 35mm roll film camera, with which he recorded everyday life. He explored a diversity of social environments and world heritage sites of exceptional cultural significance, along with magnificent, untouched landscapes, meeting many indigenous people on his travels.

Political tensions, social inequality and poverty were prominent forces that shaped daily life for many people, something that politics frequently chose to ignore. The wide spread abuse of human rights was something that often saw guerrilla groups gain popular support for radical social change, with the democratic process often being manipulated by foreign, political interests. Politics was an active force for change in the minds of the people and they readily participated in its process, striving for political fairness and inclusion, with great resilience and authenticity. Unfortunately, the road to democracy sometimes cost them their lives.

His experience in Central America has been a profound influence that will never leave him.

Contemporary photographs of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Cuba, Central America (Latin America).